Scout leaders are all unpaid volunteers who give up their time each week because it's great fun!

To run an exciting and varied programme for our young people we need a great team of adults who are willing to make it all happen. There are all kinds of roles to play - we not only need leaders to run and organise the activities, but also assistants and helpers to attend on a regular or occasional basis to help out and lend a hand; people to collect the forms and subs or keep the records; people to help instruct specific skills or activities such as kayaking, climbing or archery; people to sit on our executive committee and lend a word of advice once a term; people to organise fundraising; and much much more.


In other words - we need you!

Whatever your talents (or even if you think that you have none) we would love you to get involved. Many of our current leaders started helping out when their kids joined and then found that they loved it so much they stayed!

The easiest way to start getting involved is to join the parent helper rota, or contact us for more information about getting involved.